Bosch K-Jetronic rebuilding service


Has your car been sitting idle for a long time?

Does your fuel system suffer from old fuel damage?


WARNING - DO NOT attempt any repairs yourself!

Do not disassemble the fuel distributor


Fuel distributor with old fuel/water damage


We will clean, repair and test your fuel distributor and warp-up regulator


How to get your K-Jetronic system rebuilt?

Here's how the process works:

  1. Contact us to get all the shipping details

  2. Safely pack your K-Jet components and ship them to us

  3. We will contact you once we receive the items

Rebuilding process starts:

  1. Disassembly:

    fuel distributor and warm-up regulator are taken apart

  2. Cleaning:

    every component gets a thorough cleaning

  3. Assessment:

    we verify the condition of all components and prepare a quote

  4. We contact you with a quote

    you will be given a quote that includes everything that needs to be repaired or replaced with pictures of all the components

  5. You decide if you want to go ahead with the repair

    if NO we will return your parts to you - all you pay is the actual return shipping - nothing more

    if YES we go ahead with the process

  6. Outside surfaces are media blasted and cleaned again

    fuel distributor gets a fresh coat of paint - fuel, oil, temperature resistant

    warm-up regulator is not painted to keep with the original look

  7. Internal components are replaced on "as needed" basis

  8. Units are assembled and tested

    testing lasts 12 to 24 hours and includes varying fuel pressures, temperatures and throttle positions

  9. We contact you with test results and payment information - PayPal is the preferred method of payment

  10. We ship your rebuilt components back to you for installation on your DeLorean

We highly recommend that you ship the following for testing:

  • Fuel distributor

  • Warm-up regulator (WUR) also known as Control Pressure Regulator (CPR)

  • All six fuel injectors

  • Frequency valve

  • Cold start valve

We will test all components together at no additional charge!

If your engine runs rough or has a hard time starting


We can test your fuel injectors first before you send your complete K-Jetronic system in for repairs


If there is no corrosion, injectors can often be cleaned and restored to working condition


You will receive the injectors back along with test result and a picture of the spray pattern


What we test:

  • injector opening pressure

  • injector valve leakage

  • spray pattern

  • fuel volume delivery


Rebuilt and ready to be installed


Warranty - 12 months


Contact us for details

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